Charities Advisory Trust is a registered charity in UK. They have selected the adivasi community of Gudalur to feature in the Good Gifts Catalogue brought out by the CAT every year.

You can buy many interesting gifts for the adivasi community. The price of the gift is passed on to ACCORD or Ashwini directly in full. So, it is an excellent way of solving your gift problems and supporting our work.



Some of the gifts you can consider this year are :

The Good Gifts Catalogue has a wedding list and wish list service, particularly suitable for special occasions like anniversaries or significant birthdays.  You can use Good Gifts as in memoriam presents and keep a few in stock for unexpected birthdays or Christmas gifts.

The purchaser gets a card to give, or keep, acknowledging the gift, along with the guarantee that the gift is always wanted.

Visit Good Gifts Catalogue for more details.


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